How Tokens Are Made Codeless

Hans Peril
2 min readNov 1, 2021

I’ll tell you. It’s Solminter. And I’ve just added this on my watchlist.

For many of you who aren’t aware, crypto coins and tokens are different. It’s like purchasing tickets for an amusement park; the tickets are the tokens and the money you use to purchase is the native coin.

Creating cryptocurrency coins involves a very complex process of coding an entire blockchain, while creating a token is as simple as remixing an already existing code, such as the infamous Ethereum Remixer. But still, this involves some level of coding which may not appeal to everyone, hence a void in the token-creation space.


However, this void was addressed by some coders who created a service called Solminter, and is the first of its kind. A way to create tokens on a blockchain without coding experience. Just fill out a form, pay some fees, and voila! You’ve now created your own token for your community of fans.

You can even sell your art by creating NFTs in Solminter.

Unless you’re living under a rock (in which case I’d like to see how cool that rock is), you’ve probably heard about NFTs. From the first NFT game called Axie Infinity, to Facebook’s recent name change to META (an NFT 3D metaverse social platform) — NFTs have been changing the way we interact in the internet.


Solminter has also launched its own token called SMRT.

solminter 1D price chart

SMRT is a token that is used on the solminter platform. Currently, the team is offering 25% discount for tokens created with Solminter if you choose to pay in SMRT tokens rather than the more common Solana.

I think that SMRT is both a great utility for creators and an exciting new cryptocurrency to trade on Solana exchanges, such as Raydium.

Creators will find it easier to make their own social tokens for their subscribers without learning how to code. I feel that this is a great tool to use to populate the Solana ecosystem with newer and better social tokens — a growing community of brands and creators.