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As the AI “job takeover” accelerates, people like me who haven’t specialized skillsets yet will soon lose to a very few job options that’s up for grabs. This paints a very uncertain future. Or does it?

Let’s dive in.

In my previous video, I talked about the elemental secret to selecting a career path that will never disappear, even in the midst of A.I.

Thankfully, with the advancements of tech, the only thing left to do is to enjoy what developers have built (and get busy with it) for us to use. Things like apps, gadgets, and the nearing singularity — a state where AI meets humanlike awareness combined with its complex control of numbers.


When banks integrated the first ATMs, tellers did not lose their jobs. Instead, they became repurposed; tellers were trained to interact with customers more, becoming a trend when banks inherited more human personality.

In doing so, banks not only were able to boost their account holder’s confidence, they were also able to market their services more efficiently, paving the way for them to scale worldwide. This radical change comes from any form of new technology; a disruptive force that welcomes positive improvements.

Today, we are rushing to a new era of the Metaverse, where companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars for developers around the world to create and polish the full experience of a digital entropy — a world separate from our own where we can still be ourselves in the form of avatars.


From my perspective, these are the new types of jobs that will soon be created:

1. CONSTRUCT DESIGNER — speaks for itself, this requires knowledge of using voxel-based 3d animation software such as VoxEdit. The word is derived from Altered Carbon where AI-created worlds are called constructs. Can also be called Voxel Artists.

2. NFT Scarcity Attributes Coder — pixel attribute coder; requires extensive knowledge of Visual Studio and Node.JS for automating the creation of thousands of unique NFTs (using 10 or more attributes), with varying levels of scarcity for each individual NFT.
(doing it manually is like walking from New Orleans to New York; doable but why, when there are airplanes— the only thing that’s definitely not New in this sentence)

3. METAVERSE INFLUENCER — Content Creators with million subs or Avatar Ambassadors; a multi-skilled job fit for an insanely focused hyperactive person who can also create live events inside the metaverse (such as Ariana Grande’s Fortnite Concert called the “Rift Tour” last August)

4. AVATAR HEADDRESSER — Your avatar represents your character. A hairdresser or 3D stylist can design your avatar’s fashion, texture, and attitude (puppet or looped scale movements). Requires skills with Unity & VRM on top of your existing 3D software (like Blender, Cinema4D, After Effects, or Element 3D)

5. CID MIS— On the more technical side of things, a database administrator is always needed, and may require a few existing administrators to upgrade their skills with IPFS systems as this is the standard for NFT Content. This needs a ton of automation, so it might qualify to call this one a metaverse programmer — a term that could also mean a whole variety of other things.

IPFS isn’t new; it has been around for 6 years but only existed in subsystems that required Content Addressing, a form of placing a digital fingerprint on an uploaded URL, so that the direct link to a file cannot be changed.
Because a CID can only ever refer to one piece of content, we know that nobody can replace or alter the content without breaking the link.

(“CID MIS” stands for Content ID Metaverse Information Systems, hence the initials.)

6. CERTIFICATE ARCHIVE CURATOR — similar to a Spotify Playlist Generator; requires Verisart Certificates (or similar) to curate thousands of NFT sets for a live event (such as bulk-bidding art collectibles)


Moving forward, my aim (and I’m working on it) is to train myself, and upgrade my skillset with various free online tutorials while I still can — while they are free. You can do it too. Plus, if you’re up for it, comment your new skills to share in the metaverse.

Change might come sooner than expected, so its better to be ready. Adapt, learn, and fulfill a new career path. Its about time.

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