Top 5 Solana Projects On My Watchlist

#5 Audius


What do you get when you combine Spotify and the blockchain? Audius! Audius has a token called $AUDIO (yes the dollar sign is part of the name) and it has been on my radar, ever since Tiktok, the famous short-video platform announced its dependence on the Audius as its primary engine for sound.

Audius is the only platform that offers 320KHz rich sound listening experience, a first of its kind. Try listening to this sample podcast on Audius:

#4 Grapes


Spammers, fake accounts, and scammers have become rampant in the information age. And what did Solana developers create? Meet Grape (also known as Grape Protocol), a social media service similar to Facebook, only with a touch of a reputation-based system.

The Grape Project enables wallet signups, a feature that only allows users who have a specific amount of Solana coins to interact with anyone, without spending the coins. Admins of groups can even set a minimum amount of reputation-based coins for user membership.

Their token is called $GRAPE and I am putting this on my watchlist.

#3 Solsea


Solsea is the 1st art (and NFT) marketplace for Solana. Currently they are on the testnet stage, and soon they will launch their Mainnet Marketplace. If you have been fond of collectibles, art, NFT, digital NBA topshots, pokemon collectibles, then this place is for you.

Solsea does not have a token, but feel free to check the marketplace out (and buy some art).
Mainnet: (to be announced)

#2 Star Atlas

star atlas

We’ve heard (and grown tired) of blockchain-based games like Axie Infinity, mainly because the graphics aren’t as adrenaline-inducing as, say, games like Wild Rift. Well, you’re gonna love this.

Star Atlas is a blockchain-based, sci-fi (space), MMORPG. It is set in the year 2620 A.D. and the game is also one of the 1st to run the Unreal Engine 5, a first of its kind engine that lets jaw-dropping, high-graphics and detail run on basic hardware (and can run on a browser like Brave or Edge). It it has two(2) tokens, POLIS and ATLAS. Think of it this way in Axie Infinity:

Polis = AXS (outside token; governance), Atlas =SLP (in-game token)

#1 Solanium


Solanium is like Kickstarter, but built on the Solana Blockchain. It’s a fund raising platform that lets users access the hottest Solana projects early on (and invest in them) all while being able to stake in pools and earning interest, just like in a bank.

What’s really amazing is that it trades on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) which means that you won’t worry about getting your account frozen — or being blocked by a certain country.

They even offer flash loans and risk free arbitrage trading (with support up to 9 collateral tokens) on one of their projects called Port Finance.

port finance flash loans

Solanium’s token is called SLIM and it is definitely on my watchlist.



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